Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams
Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams

Are you ready for a different kind of Seminar Experience, one that highlights the benefits for You, the people in your office, and the Practice Members that you serve?

Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams empowers folks involved in any aspect of Health Care: Counselors�Caregivers--Body Workers�Trainers--Healers--Physicians�Nurses--Coaches�etc. Students and retired folks are also warmly welcome...

Based upon the ‘Abraham Teachings’ this class is all about
'Enhancing Joy rather than Fixing Troubles'...

Have you ever heard the expression "Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse"? This also applies to numerous universal laws. Just like the Law of Gravity, the Art of Allowing and the Law of Attraction operate impersonally and in exacting ways. Based upon the ‘Abraham Teachings’ (, recognizing and experiencing how these laws work in our lives is an important step to self-mastery, giving us powerful resources to choose our point of focus in any moment.

Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams is a contemporary, Leading Edge Seminar unlike any other you have attended. In short, the experiential tools, concepts and techniques are dedicated to achieving an �Energetic Shift,� allowing your experience to become more enjoyable, more meaningful and a better way of life, for you and your Practice Members...

Take this opportunity to renew your Golden Heart and reinvent yourself on your path of Love and Service… We look forward to personally co-creating with you at our upcoming ‘Playshop’ and helping you rediscover and nurture your Greatest Dreams…

The next "Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams" will be held at the Home of Richard & Debbie (6 miles west of Tumalo). To Be Announced: Saturday 9:00 a.m.--5:30 p.m.
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Tuition for all classes is on a 'Love Offering Basis' which means paying what you can based on your current ability and desire. The amount is not between you & Richard, but rather between you & Spirit. You should also know that Richard is Nurturing our Community by Giving Half of your Tuition (Love Offering) to these Local Organizations:

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters   312-6047
  2. Deschutes Land Trust  (A Nature Conservancy)  330-0017
  3. Local Animal Shelters:  382-3537   923-0882

To Register Call Richard at (541)389-4523 and for more details click on the "Giving Back” page, above or below.