Playing Life Bigger
Playing Life Bigger!

Like a good marriage, all dimensions of your Life Experience need Romance, Passion and Joy. When the romance is gone, the excitement is gone, Life loses its meaning and purpose, and burn-out is just around the corner�
Are ready for a different kind of Seminar Experience? Playing Life Bigger is a contemporary, Leading Edge Experiential �Playshop� unlike any other you have attended. For those who are open and available, the experience will allow you to rediscover the Romance,the Fun, and the pure Excitement & Joy of your participation in the Dance of Life!!!
The focus of this one-day experience, Playing Life Bigger, is on creating meaningful, empowering relationships with all those around you: with family, with friends, with co-workers. Contribution to your immediate community will take on a new level of awareness and meaning.
In short "Playing Life Bigger!" is about allowing all areas of your life (Family-Work-Community) to expand as your personal "Ah-ha's" are revealed within.
The next "Playing Life Bigger " will be held at the Rosie Bareis Campus1010 NW 14th St. on Bend's Westside.March 3, 2018: from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Tuition for all classes is on a 'Love Offering Basis' which means paying what you can based on your current ability and desire. The amount is not between you & Richard, but rather between you & Spirit. You should also know that Richard is Nurturing our Community by Giving Half of your Tuition (Love Offering) to these Local Organizations:

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters   312-6047
  2. Deschutes Land Trust  (A Nature Conservancy)  330-0017
  3. Local Animal Shelters:  382-3537   923-0882

To Register Call Richard at (541)389-4523 and for more details click on the "Giving Back” page, above or below.  

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Playing Life Bigger