Golden Bridge Awareness Training

The Awareness Training experience can nurture you in...

  giving birth to emotional freedom
being more fully present in your life
and relationships
reclaiming your power and passion
creating a new commitment to yourself,
your life, and your relationships

This 1�-day, experiential Training is a vehicle for you to develop a greater awareness of what and who you are�where your circle begins and ends, and where the circles of other people begin and end. You will see that with everything you do, you are setting up effects out in the world, in the circles of other people.
Golden Bridge is not a "Temporary High" �you will receive tools to continue the process on your own. The experience has a tremendous impact on all relationships. It is great for singles, as well as couples or groups. Awareness Training is about your whole life�and your whole life is about relationships!

Dr. Richard Benson, founder of Golden Bridge, explains:

"In essence, Golden Bridge is Building Community by Celebrating the
Oneness of Mankind. Sometimes our light goes out, but can be blown
into flame by connecting with others� It is my hope that Awareness
Training will be part of rekindling your light, and
blowing it into a bigger and brighter flame".

Between seminars many participants gather for the 'Monthly Inspiration Group'. These Gatherings give you an opportunity to meet and share with new friends, as well as to reconnect with your classmates from previous sessions. Invitations are forwarded via email.

Awareness Training incorporates Richards extensive, inner-exploration adventures with the interactive, experiential techniques of learning that have proven to be so profoundly effective in enriching peoples' lives. In addition to gaining a much more integrated awareness of your spiritual/emotional/physical self, you will also discover how to re-kindle your dreams of success, abundance, and harmonic relationships.

New lifetime friendships will be created.
New insights into past past & present challenges will emerge.
A clarified vision of your future will be born within!

Simply put, Awarness Training nurtures personal unfoldment. Here's how one participant describes how his life was enriched by the seminar:

"I chose to participate in what turned out to be one of the
most rich and fulfilling weekends of my life. What a truly
pleasurable, and spiritually-uplifting experience it was!

The love and joy I experienced all weekend was a true
blessing that has changed my life in a most delightful manner.
I wholeheartedly recommend Golden Bridge Awareness Training to one and all."

Gordon Smith

What Can You Expect From Participating?

Awareness training empowers each individual to realize various levels of
opening the heart, releasing the past, the truth of our connection,
experiencing oneness, and loving oneself and others unconditionally.

Golden Bridge is more of a "shedding" process than an "acquiring" one. Much like a master sculpture who sees the perfect image within the granite first, and only then "removes all the granite that is not part of the flawless statue". The experiential exercises allow participants to gently chip away and remove (release) those "pieces of granite" that are simply not part of their inner perfection.

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Next Awareness Training

Saturday, Dec 30 & Sunday Dec 31, 2017 (9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)
at the Rosie Bareis Campus, 1010 NW 14th St.
(between Galveston and Newport on Bend's Westside).

~Complimentary Public Introduction~

Richard will also host a complimentary, fun, informal ‘orientation’ on Friday, Dec.29th,
at 12:30 (same location) in which he will share the nature of the experiential
exercises with you, and how we nurture Community & Supportive Relationships
through the Seminar & our monthly 'Inspiration Group'. 

Tuition for all classes is on a 'Love Offering Basis' which means paying what you can based on your current ability and desire. The amount is not between you & Richard, but rather between you & Spirit. You should also know that Richard is Nurturing our Community by Giving Half of your Tuition (Love Offering) to these Local Organizations:

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters   312-6047
  2. Deschutes Land Trust  (A Nature Conservancy)  330-0017
  3. Local Animal Shelters:  382-3537   923-0882

To Register Call Richard at (541)389-4523 and for more details click on the "Giving Back” page, above or below.