Introduction To Golden Bridge Seminars


Participation in the Golden Bridge will probably cause
laughter, tears, lumps in the throat, and a permanent
increase in love, personal courage, and compassion!

There are currently five distinct classes for your
unfoldment which may be experienced in any order:

"Awareness Training" empowers each individual to realize various levels of opening the heart, releasing the past, the truth of our connection, experiencing oneness, and loving oneself and others unconditionally. This 1½-day workshop reflects all of the basic concepts for which Golden Bridge has become so well known.
"Playing Life Bigger "is an experiential playshop all about personal evolvement, focusing on creating meaningful, empowering relationships with all those around you: with family, with friends, with co-workers, & with your community.
Based upon the 'Abraham Teachings' ( ), "Creatively Aligning Your Experience-The Self-Guided Tour" focuses on allowing (versus resisting) the stream of abundance that surrounds us. This experiential adventure is especially beneficial for those who would like to manifest their desires relative to loving relationships, greater health, financial well-being, fulfilling jobs, etc.
“Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams” Also Based upon the ‘Abraham Teachings’ this class is about 'Enhancing Joy rather than Fixing Troubles'. Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams benefits folks involved in any aspect of Health Care, Healing, or Caregiving. In short, Allowing the Practice of Your Dreams is dedicated to making your practice more enjoyable, more meaningful and a better way of life, for you and your Practice Members.
“Celebrating our Oneness and Connection“ is a powerful experiential day of Becoming The Change you wish to see in the world for the benefit of our Community, our Planet and its People. It’s a day of exploring Love and Connection and Celebrating Our Oneness through Heart-felt experiential sharing. A day of feeling Safe, Loved and Appreciated. 'Our Oneness' is more than just an idea, it's a powerful - natural force that can change your life.
Golden Bridge is more of a "shedding process" than an "acquiring" one; much like a master sculptor who sees the perfect image within the granite first, and only then "carefully removes all the granite that is not part of the flawless statue". The experiential exercises allow participants to gently chip away and remove (release) those "pieces of granite" that are simply not part of their inner perfection. Here's how one student expressed it:

"I chose to participate in what turned out to be one of the most rich and
fulfilling weekends of my life. What a truly pleasurable, and spiritually
uplifting experience it was! The love and joy I experienced all weekend
was a true blessing that has changed my life in a most delightful manner.
I wholeheartedly recommend Golden Bridge Awareness Training to one and all."

'Experiential' is about what goes on inside you. And perhaps the greatest experience is learning to give and receive Divine Love. Through our workshops you can learn to recognize Divine Love in your life and share it in more ways than you ever imagined possible.

 Many are taught from childhood that loving and showing affection is OK
for children, but questionable for adults. Thus, the story of almost every-
one is a story of love waiting to be "coaxed out". Golden Bridge will
gently allow you to open your heart in a most safe and supportive
environment. Golden Bridge is about your whole life, and your whole
life is about relationships!

What can you expect from participating in the Golden Bridge Seminars?
Perhaps it is best explained by those who have attended.
"I found sharing and listening to each other to be very transformational. The exercises are powerful vehicles that released my energy to heal, to trust, to integrate, to express and to grow"…
"The Experiential Exercises allowed me to Open My Heart, as well as to form Close Relationships in the span of a few days, that would have otherwise taken years under normal conditions"…
"I was touched at the depth of my being, made many new friends, and was transported to a deeper level of love and joy"…
"The Golden Bridge is a deliciously enjoyable treat that took me far above analysis and trivia, into the world of love, light, and possibility"...
"I was overwhelmed by the amount of love, understanding, caring, compassion, and sincerity expressed by everyone in the training"…
"I was able to clarify my goals, my purpose, and my mission as I had never before been able to do... Because of this Golden Bridge Awareness Training, my life has been touched forever. For the first time, I truly feel my Heart opening..."
You will find that each exercise will nourish your heart, mind, and soul in a distinct manner. You are invited to surrender to the process, for each exercise has a deeper meaning beneath the surface, and contains a great deal of life-wisdom and inherent personal discovery.

Isn't it time YOU reconnect with Your Dreams, Your Desires, Your Self?!

Explore each of these wonderful, experiential workshops by clicking on the appropriate link below, or above. We know you will be challenged and delighted by the possibilities and the experience!