~Reaching Out~Touching Lives ~Giving Back~

Throughout the last decade my foremost life-passion has been guiding Golden Bridge Seminars and as of 2008 I am offering all classes on a ‘Love Offering basis’, for several reasons:

I continue to have an expanding desire to “touch lives” ---as many as possible--- through the remainder of this lifetime…
I know that a ‘Love Offering’ will allow more folks to receive dynamic benefits from our local Training’s and Monthly ‘Inspiration Gathering’…
Our experiential Golden Bridge Seminars are in complete alignment with my Mission of Empowering people to open their Hearts and recall their Divine Nature.
My career in Chiropractic treated us well financially, and in ‘giving back’ I always experience a very tranquil (yet empowering) feeling.  And to further amplify that resourceful feeling:

~We will be Nurturing our Community by Giving Half
of your Tuition (Love Offering) Back to the
Children—the Animals—and the Land~

50% of your Tuition will be divided among these Local Organizations:     

Big Brothers Big Sisters   www.bbbsco.org 312-6047
Deschutes County Animal Shelters
www.HSCO.org  382-3537
And A Nature Conservancy
   www.DeschutesLandTrust.org   330-0017
The other 50% covers ‘overhead’ (Room Rental, Ads, etc.)

  ~And just what is a ‘Love Offering’~

Simply put, Love Offering means 'paying what you can' based on your current ability and desire. The amount is not between you & I, but rather between you & Spirit. For confidentiality a Love Offering envelope is included within your seminar notebook… 

~And A Clarification of Your Role~

Your referrals are most important within this ‘Outreach Program’. Although I’m removing any financial impediment for participating, I’ve come to realize that money is not the decisive factor in who chooses to attend; eliminating ‘fear of the unknown’ thru word-of-mouth referrals is indeed more important…

~Creating a Healthier Village
by Celebrating our ‘Oneness’~

Your referrals clearly contribute to a Healthier Community, because so many participants blossom with the Friendships and Connections we co-create thru the Experiential Classes and our ongoing Inspiration Gatherings. Yes a Candle loses nothing (and glows even brighter) by lighting another Candle…

Sooooo many people are thirsting to experience more passion—meaning---balance and purpose in their lives. I find nothing more magnificent & personally fulfilling than empowering people to ‘take their next step’ relative to Opening the Heart, releasing the past, and using the creative process to create their future.

Richard T Benson D.C.
Founder & Guide
Golden Bridge Seminars