The Abraham Inspiration Group

With so many of you experiencing exceptionally compelling results with the tools & processes from Abraham, I am most Joyful to create an opportunity for you to share your Personal Experience with The Law of Attraction.
This Gathering is a way to nurture our awareness of community and to grow…
To gather together to learn from each other and share how the Law of Attraction
works through us & those in our circle. Our collective interaction
will uplift all of us Vibrationally~Energetically…
The Abraham Inspiration Group meets one Saturday Evening each Month
On the Rosie Bareis Campus: 1010 NW 14th St. (on Bend's Westside)
Call Richard & Debbie @ 389-4523 for the time and date
This is not a Training, but a sharing of experiences with
those who are implementing the Teachings of Abraham.
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A Love Offering (to cover Room Rental) as well as
Healthy Snacks are welcome & gratefully appreciated.

Questions about this gathering?
Call Richard & Debbie at 389-4523
and you may also visit