Building Community by Celebrating
the Oneness of Mankind!


   Would you like to be empowered to change the circumstances of your life?
   Do you desire to experience more love, peace, joy, and harmony?
   Would you like to discover what stands between you and complete fulfillment?

Isn't it time YOU reconnect with Your Dreams, Your Desires, Your Self?!

If you recognize that you haven't yet reached your potential, our Golden Bridge Experiential Seminars can help you gain a deeper awareness and shift in perspective that can enrich the rest of your life. Participation will permanently and positively change the way you see yourself & the world around you..

Hello! My name is Richard Benson. Following 18 years of highly successful and fulfilling practice as a Chiropractor, I 'retired' to follow my passion of inspiring individuals and groups to cultivate their own balance and inner peace through the experiential exercises of Golden Bridge. I founded Golden Bridge, knowing that when you allow your body to feel love, you shift your capacity to perceive: hormonally, chemically, physiologically, emotionally, and intellectually. You function in another state. You also draw a different response from all living things around you. Your learning experience with Golden Bridge will include, but not be limited to:
Cooperating with the Universe to Attract and Allow Abundance in all dimensions of your life — a completely different experience that will launch you into the world of Deliberate Creation.
Focusing on allowing (versus resisting) the stream of abundance that surrounds us.
A whole new paradigm of listening (receiving others) that can enrich relationships and thus change lives.
Accepting yourself and others without the 'masks' and judgement that are so common in western society today.
Small group exercises where discovery and transformation take place on a very deep level.
Creating intimacy that leads to long-term friendships and deeper connections.
Learning how to express genuine love, first to yourself, and then to others.
Golden Bridge is a vehicle for you to develop a greater awareness of what and who you are-where your circle begins and ends, and where the circles of other people begin and end. You will see that with everything you do, you are setting up effects out in the world, in the circles of other people.
Perhaps the greatest discovery of all is the freedom to Dream Again! This capacity comes from deep within as you are inspired to acknowledge how unique and special you truly are. Dreaming your greatness is your divine right, your natural state of being. Isn't it time for you to discover...
    How to enjoy emotional freedom?
   How to be fully present in your life?
   How to reclaim your power/passion?
   How to create true commitment?

That's the Golden Bridge curriculum!